5 Pictures That Do Best On Instagram

Instagram is absolutely my favourite social media site around. It is filled with people just like myself who love to talk, share photos, and have fun! It’s been a fun couple of years on the site and now, my popularity is at all-time highs. I started out with buying a few instagram likes and that got the ball rolling. It is really exciting to see that my pictures have gotten more likes since the last time I logged in. It really does something to your level of happiness.

Some pictures will score more likes on IG than other pictures. I’ve found a pattern with this over my time on the site and now I know which pictures do best on the site. I like to upload a variety of pictures to keep things fun and interesting, but I know when I really want the likes for Insta, I need to upload one of five types of pictures. These are pictures that everyone wants to see. Just add some fun filters and you’re ready to go!

Travel pictures always get lots of likes when you upload them. I recently went to Niagara Falls and took hundreds of pictures. I chose about 10 to upload on Insta in a college and they got more than 100 likes each. That was within a few short hours of posting. That was pretty cool.  So, wherever you travel, make sure to snap the pics and upload them to your social media accounts.

Food pictures usually do not fare well, so just avoid posting them. Everyone eats, everyone knows what is served at Chipotle. No one wants to see it. Of course, the exception is when you dine at a five-star restaurant, or if you run into a celebrity or well-known figure. Then, that changes the game and everyone wants to see these pictures. Make sure to share them.

Everyone loves to see an adorable baby. Upload those photos. However, do so with caution and keep images of your kiddos reserved for a special audience of family and friends. Sharing photos with IG of a baby is a good way to get plenty of likes and perhaps even put a few smiles on the faces of those who see the pictures.

Crafting is a hobby of mine and I always share pictures of my new creations on my Instagram page. People love to see my new projects, and sometimes I post the instructions so others can make their own projects. It is a lot of fun to share with others and to learn their reactions. It really inspires me to do more and more crafts and share them with other people.

Have photos with influencers? Upload them to your accounts, no matter what the scene in the photo! Influencers are people who have a social stance and presence on social media. They are people that everyone knows or wants to know. When you get in good with influencers, you are going to find a lot of popularity as the result. What could be better?